EN10217-1 P235TR1 and P235TR2

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EN10217-1 P235TR1 and P235TR2 Welding steel Pipe / steel Tube

EN10217-1 P235TR1 and P235TR2 welding steel pipe / steel tube applications; 1. industry: buildings of factories, bridges, grounds of football, greenhouses; 2. architecture: free columns, pergolas, glass roofs, exterior configurations. P235TR1 and P235TR2 steel pipe surface: fusion bond epoxy coating, coal tar epoxy, 3PE, varnish coating, bitumen coating, black oil coating as per customer's requirement.

EN10217-1 P235TR1 and P235TR2 Welding Steel Tube Chemical Composition Analysis:

EN10217-1 P235TR1 and P235TR2 Steel Pipe Manufacturing Process
1.Steelmaking process
The P235TR1 and P235TR2 steel making process is at the discretion of the manufacturer.
2.Deoxidation process
P235TR1 and P235TR2 Steel shall be fully killed.
3.Tube manufacture 
P235TR1 and P235TR2 Welding shall be carried out by suitably qualified personnel in accordance with suitable operating procedures.