Definition, purpose and characteristics of ERW

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ELCCTRIC REsistancc Welding (ERW) is a form of resistance Welding. After the hot rolled sheet is formed by the forming machine, the steel coil is deformed into a smooth cylindrical tube blank. When the high frequency current passes through the V-shaped load loop of the open tube blank, due to its strong skin effect and proximity effect,Forcing high frequency current highly concentrated in the tube billet heating side, and then through the heat welding area rapidly heated to welding state, under the effect of squeezing roller upsetting force, the cylinder melt two edge fusion together, the cooling is to achieve the effect of welded together, form the steel tube, scrape off the weld burr outside, then after sizing, straightening, the length cut off,It eventually becomes welded steel pipe with straight seam.

The main raw material of high frequency straight seam welded pipe is low carbon steel hot rolled plate coil, hot rolled belt, etc., in metallurgy, petroleum, construction, coal mine, port, automobile, machinery and other industries are mainly used as low pressure water gas transportation, oil and gas transportation, mining fluid transportation, belt conveyor roller, automobile transmission shaft and so on, compared with seamless steel pipe,Straight seam welded pipe mainly has the characteristics of low investment, high efficiency, high precision, uniform wall thickness and low cost.