Hardness Testing Method of LSAW Steel Pipe

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Hardness testing method of lsaw steel pipe is mainly divided into two categories, one is a tensile test, the other is hardness test.

The tensile test was made of the straight seam steel specimens in tensile testing machine will be pulled to fracture the sample, and then measured the mechanical properties of one or more, usually only measured tensile strength, yield strength, percentage elongation and section shrinkage. Tensile testing of metallic materials is the basic mechanical properties test method, almost all metal materials, as long as the mechanical performance requirements are specified tensile test. Especially those who are not easy to shape a material hardness test, tensile test mechanical properties as the only means of detection.

Hardness test is a hard indenter hardness conditions required by slowly pressed into the surface of the sample, and then test the indentation depth or size, in order to determine the size of the hardness of the material. Mechanical properties of hardness test is the test the simplest, most rapid and most easy-to-implement methods. Hardness test is non-destructive, have similar values in terms of the relationship between hardness and tensile strength values. Hardness value of the material can be converted into tensile strength values, it has great practical significance.

Since the tensile test is not easy to test, and converted by the hardness of the strength is very convenient, so more and more people and less hardness test only test their strength. Especially since the hardness of manufacturing technology continues to progress and innovation, some of the original can not directly test the hardness of the material, such as a straight seam steel pipe, stainless steel plate and stainless steel, etc., are now likely to directly test the hardness. Therefore, there is a hardness test trend gradually replace tensile test.