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What is the coating method of seamless pipe?

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1, the mouth of grinding: cutting is completed, the use of angle grinder on the nozzle plastic layer grinding treatment, the purpose is to avoid the flange when the plastic layer of melting or even burning pipe damage. Use the angle grinder to grind the tube plastic layer.

2, coating treatment: polished, the use of oxygen, acetylene pipe in the pipe outside the external heating, heating to the internal part of the plastic layer of melting phenomenon, and then skilled workers will use the prepared plastic powder evenly applied to the nozzle, should pay attention Be sure to smear full in place, the flange coating to be applied to the above water stop. This process should be strictly controlled heating temperature, such as the temperature is too high, in the coating process will have bubbles, such as the temperature is too low, in the plastic coating process is not complete melting, the above situation in the pipeline after use will produce plastic Layer off the phenomenon, the final part of the pipeline steel pipe corrosion damage.

3, cutting: according to the actual required length of the pipeline, the pipe should be used metal saw, no tooth saw cutting. In the process of cutting the use of water when the raw materials must have a protective method, the cutting should be at both ends of the location of the fire with a heat-resistant material to do the baffle to catch the cutting of the spark and hot metal water beans, to protect the raw materials Original plastic layer.

4, the pipeline connection: fill plastic is completed, the pipe and pipe fittings connected to the connection process in the flange between the rubber pad, tighten the bolts when tightened to the sealed state.