Conveying technology of oil pipeline

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1, "next to the oil tank" type of transport process: on the station to the oil can enter the pump can also enter the oil tank at the same time,
When the oil tank is connected to the main line through the bypass, the tank has a buffer function when the output is not balanced;
A each pipe section of the transmission capacity can not wait, the tank from the buffer;
B each pipe section is a hydraulic system, which is conducive to the operation adjustment and reduce the mutual influence between stations;
C and "from the pump to the pump," compared with no need to be more automatic control system, the operation is simple.
2, "from the pump to the pump" delivery process: for the confined transport process, the middle station is not a buffer tank, on the station to oil all directly into the pump,
A can basically eliminate the evaporation loss of the intermediate station;
B the entire pipeline into a unified hydraulic system, the full use of the residual pressure, reduce the throttle, but the station should have a reliable automatic adjustment and protection device;
C process is simple.