Connection method of galvanized seamless pipe

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The technology of plastic-lined steel pipe for galvanized seamless pipe inherits the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe,and the pipe is reasonably designed after comprehensive analysis according to market demand,production technology,anti-corrosion measures,connection methods,cost performance and other aspects.Therefore,galvanized seamless pipes have many technical characteristics and are widely used in hot and cold water supply systems of various buildings.The connection method includes a special snap ring connection,a groove(clamp)connection or a screw connection.The construction process is similar to the steel pipe connection and the steel pipe screw connection.

With the popularization of people’s environmental awareness and health awareness,new types of environmentally friendly water supply pipes have sprung up,and their variety is difficult to enumerate.The respective advantages of galvanized seamless steel pipe and plastic pipe,while abandoning their respective disadvantages.One of the most important contents in the disign of the pipe is to reasonably determine the wall thickness of the pipe according to the use conditions and requirements,and 

this parameter directly affects the price/performance ratio of the product.The unique wall thickness design of galvanized seamless pipe includes the wall thickness of the inner plastic pipe and the wall thickness of the outer welded pipe,which determines its series of technical characteristics:

1. Galvanized seamless pipe has a wide range of applications and complete specifications

2. Unique production technology

3. Rellable and fast connection method.

4. The surface anti-corrosion measures are perfect and beautiful

5. The wall thickness design of the outer layer welded pipe is reasonable

6. The wall thickness of the inner plastic pipe is reasonable to ensure the diameter

7. Energy saving and environmental protection,great development petential