5 Tips for looking after stainless steel

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Stainless steel is durable, low maintenance and can stay looking great for many years, but it still needs to be looked after. 

The basics of stainless steel maintenance

1.Apply pickling paste – if you have a small, difficult surface, you can use pickling paste or gels for brush pickling of weld seams. It adheres well and lasts a long time.

2.Apply pickling spray – the spray is better for larger surfaces of most stainless steel grades; it is able to reach even the most difficult sections due to its thixotropic consistency.

3.Use a pickling bath – if you have smaller stainless steel objects like pipe sections that need rejuvenating then pickling bath fluid allows you to fully immerse them for maximum cleaning effect.

4.Apply cleaning agents – for superficial rust, grease and lime deposits that can occasionally appear on any stainless steel surface, you can use cleaning agents to restore the surface to its original finish.

5.Apply passivating agents – after applying a pickling paste or spray, a passivating agent will improve the result further and protect the surface from future discolouration.